Information for International Dentists

All our Continuing Dental Education courses are available to be taken by internationally licensed dentists.

For courses that involve treating live patients, dentists who wish to participate must obtain an Education License/Certificate for the duration of the clinical session(s) of the course (see RCDSO website for further information).

All our course fees are listed in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

We do not issue letters of acceptance for our courses, with the exception of the following:

  • Advanced Training Programs
  • courses involving live patient treatment



Upon acceptance into one of our Advanced Training Programs, participants who are coming from outside Canada are responsible for securing their own Canadian study permit, temporary dental license, and/or health insurance plan. The following information pertains to participants of the Advanced Training Programs only.

Study Permit

Participants must have the proper documentation allowing them to enter and study in Canada. This usually involves obtaining a study permit. Further information on this topic can be found on the Government of Canada website (Study in Canada as an international student).

The University of Toronto is considered a designated learning institution (DLI) by the Government of Canada. The DLI number for the University of Toronto is O19332746152. For more information, please see the Government of Canada's list of DLIs.

You may also check the current estimated processing times of immigration applications.

Temporary Dental License

Participants who plan to join at the full clinical participation level must obtain an Education License/Certificate from the RCDSO for the duration of the program (see RCDSO website for further information).

Participants should apply for their temporary licenses as soon as they are accepted into the program as the committee reviewing the applications meets on an infrequent basis and it may take several months for a decision to be reached. Upon acceptance into the program participants will be provided with license application information. Until a temporary license is obtained participation in the clinical aspect of the course will be limited to observer status. The granting of this license is not under any jurisdiction of the University of Toronto, either directly or indirectly.

Health Insurance Plan

Participants must be enrolled in a health insurance plan for the duration of the program. A health insurance plan may be obtained through the University of Toronto, or a separate provider with a comparable plan. (Further information to be added.)


Tuition fee refunds may be provided in the case where reasonable attempts to obtain visa and/or Educational License have been made and were unsuccessful. Proof of such attempts must be provided to our department in order for a refund to be considered.