Dental Marketing and Social Media Fundamentals Update
CE credits: 7, Category 3
February 21, 2020
Course Tuition


Prior to January 31, 2020

Dentist/Dental Team Member without Dentist   $575

Dental Team Member Accompanying Dentist  $250


After January 31, 2020

Dentist/Dental Team Member without Dentist   $650

Dental Team Member Accompanying Dentist  $250

Course Location
Centre for Continuing Dental Education, 1440 Don Mills Rd., Suite 103, Toronto ON, M3B 3M1
Adrian Lefler & Sharky Liu
Course Synopsis



Morning Lecture

Social Media: Today’s Foundation for Effective Dental Digital Marketing


Progressive dental practices and clinics use social media marketing to increase top-of-mind awareness and referrals, attract new patients, decrease attrition, communicate with patients, increase case acceptance, build trust and strengthen patient relationships. Relationship marketing through social media helps you stop focusing on what you make (dentistry), and focus on the things you make possible… Which in turn support a complete digital marketing strategy for growing your business—including related tactics such as SEO. Social media can no longer be thought of as a bolt-on or adjunct to your marketing plan. The big question is, “How do you navigate and benefit from this dynamic new environment with the limited amount of time and resources you have to invest on marketing?”


  1. Start creating the five types of content that best engage your target audiences.
  2. Understand how social media and reviews affect search engine optimization.
  3. Modify the proven, successful campaigns and case studies we’ll discuss for use in your own practice or clinic.
  4. Discover how to use your blog to strengthen patient relationships.
  5. Recognize the “musts, shoulds, and coulds” for platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  6. Learn how to use social media to “sell” dental services without selling.

Afternoon Lecture: 

Framework for Practice Growth: The Art & Science of Dental Marketing


You probably already know the financial future and success of your clinic or private practice depends in part on how successfully you attract new patients. Yet, dental marketing is not traditionally taught in dental schools, and there are limited resources and/or textbooks on this subject. Meanwhile, competition is getting fierce and will only continue to accelerate. Perhaps you have tried many different “dental marketing” services, but are often disappointed at the lack of results. This lecture teaches you the smart way to market your clinic or private practice. It’s designed to help dental practice owners and managers understand the fundamentals of dental marketing from a scientific and analytical point of view. Once you learn the basics of dental marketing, you can become far more effective in successfully attracting new patients.


1) Understand the new dental marketing era - digital marketing.

2) Learn how to satisfy the five factors patients require before booking an appointment.

3) How to track and control your patient booking process for predictable new patient flow.

4) Six proven actionable techniques you can do today to increase your new patient booking by 50%.

5) Work on, then implement your personalized step-by-step plan utilizing the services and technologies that will grow patient flow.