Medical Emergencies in Dental Offices
6 Credits, Category 1
Friday November 23, 2018
Course Time

8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Registration/Breakfast: 8:00 AM

Course Tuition

Prior to November 9, 2018
Dentists: $600
Staff: $225

After November 9, 2018
Dentists: $685
Staff: $275

Course Location
University of Toronto Conference Centre, 89 Chestnut St., Toronto ON, M5G 1R1
Breakfast, networking lunch, and afternoon refreshments
Dr. Daniel Haas
Course Synopsis

Core LogoThis course qualifies as a Category 1 Core Course as designated by the RCDSO.   CDE Credits: 6 (Lecture)

Please Note: This course is a prerequisite to the Oral Sedation & Nitrous Oxide Sedation course and must have been completed within the last 2 years prior.

Course Overview

This Course is a Must for the Entire Dental Team!

Every member of your Dental Team should know how to Prevent and Respond to Medical Emergencies

  • Prevention of emergencies will be discussed by reviewing relevant drug interactions and the management of medically compromised patients.
  • Emergency equipment and the pharmacology of resuscitative drugs will be reviewed.
  • Protocols for specific emergencies, such as anaphylaxis, cardiovascular emergencies, respiratory emergencies, and local anesthetic toxicity, among others, will then be presented.
  • It is assumed that all attendees are already knowledgeable in basic CPR.

Each attending dentist will receive an Emergency Drug Kit consistent with RCDSO recommendations. The Emergency Drug Kit can only be given to dentists licensed in Canada and who attend the course.