Evidence-Based Course in Dental Sleep Medicine
24 Category 2 — AGD Pace approved — This course is certified by the American Board of Sleep Medicine
October 27, 28 & 29 2017
Course Tuition

Prior to October 13, 2017                   

  • Dentists: $2995.00

After October 13, 2017

  • Dentists: $3050.00
Course Location
Centre for Continuing Dental Education, 1440 Don Mills Rd., Suite 103, Toronto ON, M3B 3M1
Breakfast, networking lunch, and afternoon refreshments.
Course Director: Dr. Tina Meisami BSc, DDS, FRCDC, ABDSM, Key Note Speaker: Dr. Doug Bradley MD, Professor of Medicine and Director, Division of Respirology at the University of Toronto
Course Synopsis

Supporting Staff: Dr. Don Farquhar DDS, Dr. Patrick Arcache DDS, Dr. Brian Rotenberg MD MPH FRCSC, Dr. Reshma Amin MD, Dr. Leslie Dort DDS, MSc (Health Research), Dip ABDSM, Dr. Jean Francois Masse, DDS, Dr. Christopher Li MD, Dr. Richard Horner PhD

Learning Outcome: Allow graduates to immediately start participating in the treatment of sleep disorders.


Treatment of sleep disorders is in growing demand from the public and dentists are increasingly interested in being part of the medical team that tries to help patients with this often debilitating problem. Unfortunately oversimplification of this important treatment has been suggested not only by over the counter remedies but also by some practitioners interested in the financial opportunity this growing treatment area provides. Continuing Dental Education at the University of Toronto is pleased to offer a 3 day comprehensive course on the treatment of sleep related breathing disorders and the impact on society.  The course will cover the evidenced based science and pathophysiology as well as case based studies describing evaluation and treatment and the roll of dental appliances.  Attending dentists will be given clinical information on various types of appliances and observe live patient demonstrations on clinical application. A team of internationally recognized experts from both medicine and dentistry have been recruited to provide this course that meets the requirements for Certification by the American Board of Sleep Medicine and graduates will receive the Qualified Dentist [QD] designation from the American Association of Dental Sleep Medicine.

    Course Schedule


    Day 1:  October 27, 2017

    Section I:  Patient Evaluation and Diagnosis: 

    1. Epidemiology, pathophysiology and clinical features of obstructive sleep apnea
    2. Sleep Architecture
    3. Clinical polysomnography
    4. Treatment algorithm

    Section II:  Sleep Medicine:  Co-morbidities

    1. Pathophysiology
    2. Cardiovascular Disease
    3. Hypertension
    4. Diabetes
    5. Stroke

    Section III:  Non-surgical Management: 

    1. Obesity management
    2. Weight loss and life style
    3. Positional therapy
    4. Pharmacotherapy
    5. Pressure Therapy: CPAP, APAP and BIPAP
      1. Equipment
      2. Humidity
      3. Compliance
    6. Oral appliance therapy

    Hands-On Component

    1. Bite Registration
    2. Home Monitors
    3. Case Presentations
    4. Q & A Session with experts


    Day 2: October 28, 2017

    Section IV:  Oral Appliance Therapy:

    1. Treatment Planning, Patient Consent, Complications
    2. Upper Airway Evaluation: Clinical Examination, Airway Assessment and Imaging Analysis
    3. Impressions and Bite Registration Techniques
    4. Appliance Selection:  An Evidence Based Comparison
    5. Insertion, Follow-up and Complications
    6. Titration and Evaluation of Efficacy: Out of Center Sleep Testing and Long-term Follow-up
    7. Quality of Life Assessment
    8. Scope of Practice and Medicolegal Issues
    9. Overcoming Barriers: Incorporating Oral Appliance Therapy into the General Dental Practice
    10. Developing the Medical/Dental Team
    11. Insurance Re-imbursement

    Hands-on Component

    1. Appliance Selection:  Compare and Comparison
    2. Case Presentations
    3. Q & A Session with experts


    Day 3: October 29, 2017

    Section V: Oral Appliance Therapy:

    Literature Review

    1. Types and Modalities
    2. Titration
    3. Combination therapy
    4. Efficacy and Effectiveness
    5. Cardiovascular Efficacy

    Section VI:  Surgical Management: 

    1. Surgical treatment and cardiac risk factors
    2. Anesthesia and peri-operative management
    3. Tonsillar Surgery
    4. Nasal Surgery
    5. Palatal surgery
    6. Glossectomy, hyoid suspension, genioglossus advancement
    7. Maxillomandibular advancement
    8. Tracheostomy

    Section VII:  The Paediatric Patient

    1.  Surgical management: Adenotonsillectomy
    2.  Distraction Osteogenesis

    Hands-on Component

    1. Insertion and Adjustments of Oral Appliances
    2. Case Presentations
    3. Q & A Session with experts