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Category 1 Course

From Oral Lesions to Orofacial Pain: A Review of Commonly Encountered Disorders

Speaker: Dr. Hagen Klieb

February 7, 2025

Category 1 course RCDSO approval pending

Course Description

Part I. Oral Pathology: A Refresher with Emphasis on Common Pitfalls

The diagnosis and management of oral lesions may be challenging particularly as these are not routinely encountered. There are several pitfalls that may result in mismanagement with potential to harm the patient as well as medico-legal consequences.  This lecture will address some of the most commonly encountered pitfalls and errors in oral pathology using a case-based format.  This lecture will also serve as a general oral pathology refresher course.

Part II: Temporomandibular Joint Disorders: From simple concepts to advanced strategies

Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMDs) are frequently encountered, but in general, poorly understood.  This is further complicated by the plethora of studies of various quality and with conflicting results.  This lecture with delve into the diagnostic methodologies and contemporary treatment modalities ; fostering a deeper understanding of this often complex condition.

  • Outline and Learning Objectives – Part 1

    The head and neck examination, including:

    • Proper technique and frequently asked questions
    • Patterns of neck metastasis and diagnostic/referral pathways
    • Pitfalls including commonly missed subsites and normal anatomic variants.

    The specialist referral, including:

    • Appropriate versus inappropriate referral types and avenues
    • Pitfalls including patient anxiety and refusal
    • Advances to address limited access to specialists including virtual dentistry

    Information resources, including:

    • Types of information resources along with emphasis on newer technologies e.g. social media, artificial intelligence

    Oral cancer and changing trends, including:

    • Changing trends in oral cancer epidemiology in Ontario
    • Traditional risk factors and a current understanding of potential risk factors e.g. vaping, cannabis, chronic trauma, etc.

    Identification of patients at risk for oral cancer, including:

    • Current understanding of precancerous lesions (e.g. leukoplakia, erythroplakia, actinic cheilitis, lichen planus, etc.)
    • Recognition, diagnosis and management

    Interdisciplinary communication, including

    • Reasons for miscommunication and potential consequences
    • Appropriate generalist-specialist and specialist-specialist interactions

    Outline and Learning Objectives – Part 2

    General Concepts, including:

    • TMD classification, etiology

    Diagnostic process, including

    • Armamentarium, examination and differential diagnosis

    TMD cases, with emphasis on:

    • The spectrum of patients encountered; from simplex to complex cases as well as mimickers
    • Evidence-based management.
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  • After completing this course, a certificate of completion that indicates the number of Continuing Education (CE) points earned will be sent to you within 7-10 days by email.


Dr. Hagen Klieb, is an oral pathologist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre with cross appointments to the departments of maxillofacial sciences and laboratory medicine.  He is active in graduate medical and dental education.  His reach interests pertain to novel management strategies for autoimmune disorders and orofacial pain.

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